Myco Bru: Mushroom Coffee

Myco Bru: Mushroom Coffee

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Premium organic dual extracts of lions mane, cordyceps, reishi and chaga mushrooms combined with brain boosting supplements to create a rich earthy brew to kickstart your morning and improve your overall health.

Not only does this drink give you energy with no jitters the extracts in the mix can create neuron growth in your brain, calm your nervous system, help prevent cancer, regulates hormones, lowers anxiety and boost your immunity.

Ingredients: *Lions Mane Dual Extract, *Reishi Dual Extract, *Cordyceps Extract, *Chaga Dual Extract, Cracked Cell Reishi Spores, *Cistanche Extract, *Cinnamon, *Ginger, *Cloves, *Nutmeg,  Citicholine(150mg), L-Theanine(150mg).